2015 Anatomy & Physiology Camp 1

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Anatomy and Physiology
2015 Anatomy & Physiology Camp 1
Jun 7 2015 - Jun 13 2015

***Due to construction within the labs of the HLES building, A&P CAMP 2014 will not take place***


[If you would like to be notified when Anatomy and Physiology Camp 2015 is available for registration, please email Jack Chambers]

The Appalachian State University Department of Health, Leisure and Exercise Science offers an intense and rewarding summer residential or day camp experience in Anatomy and Physiology! Set in the mountains of western North Carolina, on the beautiful campus of Appalachian State University, this one-week camp will provide high school students with hands-on experience studying the major organ systems of the body, as well as discussion about diseases and injuries that affect these systems.

We work with each student to broaden their understanding of basic sciences and health sciences. There are no prerequisites except a strong interest in the sciences and adequate science and math background to understand the labs and lectures. After each full day of exploration in the Science of Anatomy and Physiology, evening group activities are offered under the supervision of the college-student counselors.
During the six-day camp experience, students will be introduced to a host of health related careers while they participate in activities such as:
•    Introduction to the skeleton and human anatomy
•    Introduction to surgery, suturing, and injections
•    Working with microscopes
•    The cardio-vascular system
•    Pulmonary tests, and experience with ECG, BP, and HR
•    Animal eye, kidney, and heart dissection
•    The urinary system and urine analysis
•    The endocrine system and blood glucose testing

Student Eligibility
This camp is for high school students (rising 9th through 12th grade). Only 25 students will be accepted into the program. If you have a science aptitude, and are considering a future in any field of health science, this camp is for you!

All camp attendees are required to participate in all aspects and activities of the Anatomy and Physiology Camp. Activities include the following (but are not limited to): exposure to human cadavers, animal organ dissections, blood and bodily fluids, etc. Discretion should be used to determine if camp attendees are prepared for such activities.

Camp Leadership

Dr Gregory Anoufriev, MD, is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the College of Health Sciences at Appalachian State University, in the Department of Health, Leisure and Exercise Science, with a degree from Riga Medical University, Riga, Latvia. His specialty is internal medicine, and he is dedicated to developing a strong connection with his students, to help instill a love for knowledge and the willingness to achieve high academic goals. He has developed and taught “Introduction to Surgical Procedures” for high school students, and has instructed with past Anatomy and Physiology Camps.
Professors from Appalachian State University as well as other medical professionals will provide additional lectures and lab sessions. Faculty will be assisted by graduate students in the College of Health Sciences at Appalachian State.
College age counselors will be provided for supervision of students while on campus. Participants will experience life on a college campus, staying in the residential facilities on campus and eating in the campus cafeterias and eateries.

If you would like to be notified when Anatomy and Physiology Camp 2015 is available, please email Jack Chambers.

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